16th Jan

Office and Manufacturing Factory relocation

9th Jan

Obtained patend for combined heat and power system For energy-saving type(No.10-1696297)


11st Apr

Obtained patend for Adhesion dust removal device for horizontal tail end Boiler, and
Boiler using the same(No.10-1613134)

20th Mar

Partnership Agreement with Dublix(DENMARK)

22th Feb

Obtained patend for a tail end boiler with self-lining type header(No.10-1598047)


7th Dec

Obtain patent for fire grate with improved injection efficiency of combustion air

30th Oct

Obtain patent for the water tube boiler provided with emission zone for NOx reduction(No.10-1566186)

8th Oct

Obtain patent for Boiler system for steam and hot water production using fuel cell(No.10-1560717)

8th Oct

Obtain patent for Air distribution-manifold for fluidzed bed boiler(No.10-1560715)

8th Oct

Obtain patent for Production method of water cooling type fire grate and structure produced using the same(No.10-1560714)

8th Oct

Obtain patent for the combustion chamber equipped with a drop-in FGR duct boiler furnace stoker(No.10-1560713)

29th May

Obtain patent for Method and apparatus for exhaust gas treatment(No.10-1525929)


7th Oct

Obtain patent for Reduction of white smoke abatement systems and methods(No.10-1450660)

1st Sep

Obtain patent for Grate bar and stoker and incinerator having the same (No.10-1438578)

1st Sep

Obtain patent(No.10-1438579)

14th Feb

Obtain patent for The spread of a fire exhaust dry reactor for unreacted slaked lime reuse and efficiency enhancement (No.10-1365536)


26th Jun

Obtain certificate of design for Water cooling type stoker for incinerator(No. 30- 0699364/30-0699365/30-0699366)

31st Jan Obtain patent for stoker incinerator to inhibit clinker generated on fire grate through side water-cooling (No. 10-1230383)

17th Dec

Obtain patent for cooled combustion grate and incinerator having the same(No.10-125075)

2nd Nov

Obtain certificate of design for combustion air supply nozzle (No. 30- 0667238)

31st Oct

Obtain patent for dryer for refuse derived fuel to avoid flying of waste(No.10-1198389)

25th Sep

Obtain patent for support frame for combustion grate and stoker and incinerator having the same (No.10-1187271)

3rd Sep

Obtain patent for apparatus for cooling fuel gas having boron oxide remover of fuel gas treatment system for glass melting furnace (No.10-1180987)

6th Aug

Obtain patent for cleaning and cooling apparatus venturi scrubber and exhaust gas treatment system (No.10-1173036)

6th Aug

Obtain patent for reactor for treatment nitrogen oxide of fuel gas treatment system for glass melting furnace (No.10-1173208)

7th May

Obtain patent for a waste heat recycling system equipped with a fluidized bed combustor lower hopper and fluidized bed heat exchanger cooling system(No.10-1145934)

7th Feb

Obtain patent for for fluidized bed lower hopper a heat exchanger of fluidized bed combustion boiler (No.10-1116174)

1st Dec

Obtain patent for fluidized bed lower hopper a heat exchanger of fluidized bed combustion boiler(No.10-10911014)

27th Oct

Receive a Samsung globe environment reseach center green management awards

18th Apr

Obtain patent for Duplexing waste heat recovery system (No.10-1030918)

13th Aug

Obtain Green Technology Certification

29th Feb

Obtain patent for Multi Dry Dust Collector (No.10-09470067)

3rd Feb

Moved to New Office

15th Aug

Business start for Activated Carbon Catalyst Recycle

7th Aug

Registered Waste Disposal (Catalyst Recycle) No.385

20th Jul

Declared Waste Disposal Facility Erection (No.814)

1st Apr

Obtain Patent for Waste Activated Carbon Catalyst Recycle (No.10-0892381)

20th Mar

Obtain Patent for Furnace Flue Gas Wet Treatment (No.10-0890776)

28th Nov

Constructed Own Manufacturing Factory

24th Sep

Obtain Patent for Horizontal Stoker Grater (No.10-0861030)

14th Jul

Increased Capital to 5million won

1st Mar

Registered Subcontractor to HALLA Energy & Environment

17th Oct

Obtain Patent for Flue Gas Mixed Treatment System (No.10-0769667)

17th Oct

Obtain Patent for Double Filtering Dust Collector (No.10-0769666)

23rd Aug

Obtain Patent for Flue Gas Treatment Reactor (No.10-0753769)

10th Apr

Registered Environmental R&D Center (No.20071671)

10th Mar

Registered Subcontractor to SAMSUNG Engineering continuously

29th Dec

Verification of the Certificate for INNO-BIZ company (No.6016-3605)

12th Dec

Obtain Patent for filtering Dust Collector (No.10-06592882)

8th Aug

Verification of the certificate for Venture-Company (051124032 1 01384)

3rd Jul

Registered mechanical Facility Contractor (Geumcheon 05-12-7)

30th May

Contracted supplies of KEYCAST(SWEEDEN) Grate

19th Apr

Obtain Patent for Ammonia Gas Vaporizer (No.0485802)

1st Dec

Obtain the 'ISO 9001/ ISO 14001' Certification

19th Nov

Contracted Technology Agreement with SHOWA(JAPAN)

1st Jun

Registered Air Pollution Control Company

31st Mar

Moved to New Office in Gasan Digital Complex

13th Dec

Contracted Technology Agreement for CSCR with WKV(GERMANY)

7th Nov

Contracted Supply of Low temperature Catalyst with CRI(GERMANY)

1st Nov

Contracted Business Cooperation Agreement with TAKUMA(JAPAN)